Water Heating

Solar Water Geysers

Solar thermal heating is a good way to reduce electricity costs.


A 150l geyser is fitted with a 3kW element.  This element takes around 2 ½ hours to heat 150l to around 60ºC and therefore consumes around 7 ½ kWh of electrical energy.  At a current unit cost of R2/kWh, the cost to heat the geyser is R15/day, R450/month, R5400/year.


Installing a solar geyser will save at least 70% of the energy costs, around R3700 per year.  A standard new thermosyphon type solar geyser will be paid off in 4 years at today’s electricity prices.

Solar geysers are available in many variations to suit most applications and can be fitted to most north facing pitched roofs, except thatch.  A flat roof stand is also available. 

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